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- Please read prior to filling out the expression of interest form.
- Submitting a response to this form means that you are interested in my SecondLife store consultation services, yet it does not guarantee your acceptance.
- All submissions will receive a response on their status within 7 business days.
- My consultations do not cover in-depth technical teachings e.g rigging, meshing and animating lessons. Such topics might be discussed, but not on an in-depth technical level.
Consultations are primarily on sales, marketing, pipelining, goal achieving, and any areas of concern.​

Hello, my name is Lucas, owner of Klubb. I am offering an accumulation of both personal experience & knowledge on running a brand within the SecondLife MetaVerse, which will be tailored and hand-picked for you. I will condense thousands of hours of experience into actionable and relevant information for you to apply to your store.

In only a year of operating, I have been able to:
- Sell +71,000 items to +19,000 unique customers

- Grow a loyal community of +6800 across 3 social media platforms and 1 in-world group
- Have reached my goal of participating in a multitude of well-known events, including weekend sales
- Create a pipeline system using a combination of employees, automation, & freelancers, allowing for me to spend minimal time working on my store
- Optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of all processes within my business operations
- Adapt to the ever-changing market and thrive in the current and previous versions
- Foster a unique and forward brand culture

I have designed my consultation services so that on the first call (L$25,000, 1 hour long, 50% down-payment required) I am covering everything that you need to know, no fluff, no withholding information to rope you into future calls, etc, but rather an in-depth and unique 1-on-1 where we cover all areas and concerns. In 3 months, a catch-up call (L$20,000, 1 hour long) is held where we revise and analyse the effectiveness of all approaches and discuss the implementation and success of them, and what to do next. Following the 3-month call, a consultation is held every 6 months (L$20,000, 1 hour long) as due to the changing market some strategies may not be as relevant anymore.

Within my year of operation, I have trialled & put into effect multiple different strategies to optimise and improve all aspects of my operations, which has allowed me to find a myriad of the best software, systems, pipelines, techniques & methods to increase profit & save time.
I have achieved what I have wanted for my brand, and would love to show you how to do the same, so whether you're an upcoming brand, a new store, or have been in business for a long time, I'd love to assist you in your goal achieving.

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